> About Metal Roof

1. Lightweight: Ruby tile’s stone coated steel roofs are very lightweight(only about 6kg/m2). They are only about 1/6 weight of traditional clay or concrete tile.

2. Durability: Ruby tile is made of 9 layers of special coatings on a base of galvanized steel. And Manufactured to withstand all kinds of severe weather such as extremely hot and cold weather, strong wind and heavy rain and show. The granulated stone chips on the surface give beauty and additional weather protection to your roof.

3. Economical: The overall cost of a Ruby tile is similar to the cost of an iron roof and less expensive than a traditional clay or concrete tile roof. Ruby tile’s lightweight can savethe costs, such as labor costs, structural support and installation costs.

4. Easy installation & Handling: A large area can be installed in a very short period of time. For example, 1 roofing installer and 3 assistants can finish 200m2 in 2~3days(Including batten and roof tile installation).

5. Various colors and beautiful: Ruby tile has a wide selection of colors. We use Italian basalt. It is high quality roofing stone granules. And its unique design will meet any kind of building, house and structure perfectly. Wherever you live, there’s a Ruby tile that’s sure to fi you.